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      We specialize exclusively in the chemical industry in China, providing

      - Strategy Development
      - Market Information
      - M&A Target Search
      - Trainings/Workshops
      - R&D Optimization

      Our clients profit from our in-depth knowledge. 

      For more information contact Dr. Pflug:

      Management Consulting – Chemicals Ltd.
      M: Dr. Pflug
      +86 136 8187 3992
      Email: kai.pflug@mc-chemicals.com

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      Market Intelligence

      Selected Publications


      Before making any investment decision, either in buying a company (M&A activities) or in focusing on specific markets, a strong knowledge base is required to come to the right decision


      Fig.: Trends in China economic development and effect on chemical segments (MCC assessment)


      • Detailed definition of goals and objectives of the evaluation (e.g., preparation of an acquisition, investment in production capacity, decision on target markets etc.)
      • Definition of criteria for the evaluation based on internal interviews and expert opinions.
      • Detailed evaluation of companies, technologies and markets based on
        • Customer requirements
        • Technological conditions
        • Competitive situation
        • Market trends
        • Regulatory trends (if applicable)
        • Cultural factors (if applicable)
        • Investment needs
        • SWOT analysis.
      • Scenario planning
      • Clear recommendations regarding actions to be taken
      • Outline of next steps

      Depending on the amount of local research required, MCC partners with other companies. An overview of the offerings in cooperation with TZMI can be downloaded here.


      • Structured approach to prioritization of investment decision
      • Clear and well-defined conclusions
      • External advice from an expert in the industry

      Project Examples

      • Evaluation of British chemical site based on technologies, markets and forecasts for the individual chemical products
      • Evaluation of a hologram technology for a major producer of polymer films and cosmetics
      • Evaluation of the consequences of a change in the European policy for chemicals (REACH) for the BDI
      • Evaluation of the market potential of a novel memory-shape technology for a startup company
      • Evaluation of a dental materials producer for a private equity investor
      • Evaluation of a PVC additives producer for a private equity investor
      • Evaluation of a leather chemicals producer for a private equity investor
      • Evaluation of the Chinese market for solvents for potential market participant