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      We specialize exclusively in the chemical industry in China, providing

      - Strategy Development
      - Market Information
      - M&A Target Search
      - Trainings/Workshops
      - R&D Optimization

      Our clients profit from our in-depth knowledge. 

      For more information contact Dr. Pflug:

      Management Consulting – Chemicals Ltd.
      M: Dr. Pflug
      +86 136 8187 3992
      Email: kai.pflug@mc-chemicals.com

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      Preparing, structuring and moderating a workshop is a functional skill that may not come natural to a manager of a business. It is therefore worth considering leaving this task to an experienced external moderator


      • Definition of workshop goals and agenda
      • Development of workshop outline
      • Preparation of workshop based on client input
      • Collection of workshop input from different members of the client team
      • Moderation of the workshop
      • Documentation of the workshop
      • Sum-up of follow-up measures


      Leaving the workshop moderation to a professional moderator both increases the value of the workshop in achieving its goals, frees management for other tasks in the preparation phase and allows them to fully participate as active members during the workshop itself. It also guarantees thorough documentation of the workshop results

      Project Examples

      • As parts of consulting projects, hundreds of workshops were conducted and moderated, with members including
        • Automotive industry experts
        • Board members of chemical companies
        • Business development functions
        • Distributors and principals
        • Key clients
        • Managers of different business units
        • Regional managers
        • Sales staff of various regions
        • Strategic planning staff
      • Workshop targets included
        • Development of market-specific strategies
        • Alignment of objectives of different units
        • Agreement on formation of cross-functional councils
        • Agreement on implementation measures
        • Alignment of crucial input data
        • Summary of lessons learned during large projects