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      We specialize exclusively in the chemical industry in China, providing

      - Strategy Development
      - Market Information
      - M&A Target Search
      - Trainings/Workshops
      - R&D Optimization

      Our clients profit from our in-depth knowledge. 

      For more information contact Dr. Pflug:

      Management Consulting – Chemicals Ltd.
      M: Dr. Pflug
      +86 136 8187 3992
      Email: kai.pflug@mc-chemicals.com

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      R&D Optimization

      Selected Publications


      Apart from product quality, innovation is the key success factor for chemical companies targeting the higher end of the Chinese market. Optimizing R&D is therefore vital to success.

      Dr. Pflug is a Ph.D. chemist who successfully worked as a scientist and R&D manager in the chemical industry before becoming a consultant. He is thus uniquely positioned to help chemical companies optimize their R&D efforts.


      • Overview of current chemical R&D efforts in China
      • Analysis of current R&D efforts of companies
      • Best practice for each step of the innovation process
      • Step-by-step optimization of the R&D process
      • Recommendations regarding R&D cooperation in China


      Optimization of R&D is not straightforward as both cost issues and motivational issues need to be considered – after all, innovation is a creative process. With his background, Dr. Pflug is capable of finding a balance between these two requirements.

      An optimized R&D process brings the following key benefits:

      • Clear R&D strategy based on general company goals
      • Comprehensive collection of innovation ideas from different sources
      • Structured prioritization of project ideas
      • Optimized resource allocation
      • Transparent management of individual research projects
      • Improved introduction of new innovation into the market

      Project Examples

      Optimization of R&D was conducted for a number of chemical and medical companies including

      • Chemical company in the area of specialty and fine chemicals
      • Market-leading global dental materials producer
      • Startup in the area of memory-shape polymers

      As a result of these and other projects, a complete framework for an optimized R&D process was developed and further fine-tuned during project work. Consequently, MCC is now capable of quickly adapting this general framework to the situation and the requirements of individual chemical companies in different segments.