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      We specialize exclusively in the chemical industry in China, providing

      - Strategy Development
      - Market Information
      - M&A Target Search
      - Trainings/Workshops
      - R&D Optimization

      Our clients profit from our in-depth knowledge. 

      For more information contact Dr. Pflug:

      Management Consulting – Chemicals Ltd.
      M: Dr. Pflug
      +86 136 8187 3992
      Email: kai.pflug@mc-chemicals.com

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      M&A Target Search

      Selected Publications


      As an alternative to organic growth, acquisitions can accelerate the move into new markets, technologies and customer segments. They may also provide MNCs with vital local knowledge


      • Development of client-specific criteria for acquisition candidates (e.g., profitability, subsegment, country, sales, technology etc.)
      • Search for suitable candidates in China or Asia
      • Based on long list of companies (e.g., 1000 or more), the target list is narrowed down utilizing client criteria as well as direct discussions with the client
      • Shortlisted companies are described and profiled in detail
      • Evaluation (due diligence) of individual target companies


      • Provides excellent understanding of competitive situation in a segment
      • Allows evaluation of acquisition as strategic pathway
      • Selection and detailed evaluation of target candidates

      Project Examples

      • Target search in Chinese market for water treatment
      • Target search in Chinese market for chemical distribution
      • Target search in several specialty chemicals areas in Asia, e.g., food/feed additives, high-strength fibers, biobased materials
      • Due diligence in automotive plastics
      • Due diligence in agrochemicals
      • Due diligence in synthetic rubber
      • Due diligence in fluorochemicals
      • Due diligence in lubricants
      • Due diligence in polyurethane
      • Due diligence in dental materials
      • Due diligence in plastics additives